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Fisheye Lomo’s


Morocco fav’s

It’s all come to an end……

Two days before the end of the trip, the crew decided to head to the hustle and bustle of Marakech. We woke up early, had some breakfast and decided to head into the Atlas Mountains an hour from Marakech. As you can see it was my first time snowboarding, as I’m tearing it up on the beginners slope. Later that same day we headed into the famous Marakech market scene, which was one of the most picturesque things on Earth, in my opinion. I’m sad to depart Morocco, but I’m looking forward to the contest slog, starting in Australia in a few days…..

Africa… Africa… Africa…

We have been plagued by a lot of frustation over the last few days. Mostly poor desicions by our guides not willing to take us to certain waves, but rather stuffing around at bad waves.

Everyone is pretty angry, because we missed the swell of the winter at one of Morocco’s best right points.

The guys also experienced the real Africa when they were almost mugged (see more at

We still saw some beatiful scenery and did some airs at a fun beachy.

We are now on our way to Marakesh to check out the mountains and markets and then head home.


Morocco… chilling… touring…

Today was a little bit slower than the last few days. We went way up north to go check some other spots, because there wasn’t much swell around.

We even saw a heard of camels on the side of the road, which was an unreal experience!

We eventually got to the spot after some crazy 4×4 driving, to find that it was pretty average, so ended up hanging out in the desert a bit.

The forecast looks good for tomorrow. Fingers crossed…..

Morocco… continues…

Unsurprisingly, we had some really good waves again today. It seems that it doesn’t go flat here! We have had waves everyday, which doesn’t happen often when dealing with mother nature.

We drove 2 hours south today and surfed some really fun peaks. This is me checking the surf from the cliff above the surf …

… and on a rare left (it’s mostly right point breaks).

Hopefully tomorrow is another good day……

Morocco… Africa @ its best…

Another AMAZING day in Morocco.

We surfed an out of control beachy in the morning, but our guide took us to a really high-performance wave in the afternoon.  I had fun, although I broke a board, my second one in three days!

Because all these waves are in the middle of nowhere I had to utilize the bush for the toilet hahaha…..


It’s the end of day 2 in Morocco. Here’s a shot of me at Boilers, a fun right point. I’ve really enjoyed the first two days of the trip. We’ve had some good waves and all around good times. The forecast is looking good for next week, so fingers are crossed! Let the good times roll…..

Getting there…..

Here is the crew, on our way to Morocco, at Starbucks in Madrid Airport on an 8 hour layover. The crew is myself, Rudy Palmboom, Frankie Oberholzer, Greg Ewing (photographer), Jason Hearn (videographer and creator of the Africa Project) and Craig Ritchie (writer) still to join us. Stay posted for some epic photo’s.


This is me (on the drums) and my two good friends Johann and Peppi jamming Guitar Hero on my last night at home for a good few months. Tomorrow I leave to Morocco to film with Jason Hearn for his movie, the African Project. Directly after it’s off to Australia with my friend Dale Staples. No more school, uniforms, haircuts and teachers. This is officially the beginning of my career!!!!