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Hawaii clip day 1

Thanks to Kendall for the movie. Check out his page on


Tsunami warning

So, there was quite a big tsunami scare in a lot of countries around the world. We (in Hawaii) were woken at 6, told to pack our valuables, and get in the car, bound for the hills. Luckily the tsunami didn’t hit us, but it did cause damage all across the pacific, I think. The top shot is of our camp on the hill, far away from any danger. The second one is of me getting my tourist hat on, watching from the hill to see if the tsunami was going to hit and getting some shots with my lomo camera’s.

Winter Olimpics……

A snowboarding clip of me just absolutely ripping in Morocco. I unfortunately didn’t make the SA team for Vancouver. The other Shaun didn’t fair to bad though.

Surfing photo’s…. finally

This is me at Off The Wall in Hawaii testing out one of my new sticks. Stoked to finally have a surfing photo up.

World Tour Predictions 2010…..

These are my guys for the year. Jordy Smith, Mick Fanning, Owen Wright and Dusty Payne. It’s possible that neither of them will be World Champ at the end of the year, but I think they are going to do really well, dominate actually. I’ll be rooting for all these guys, every heat, every contest…. no matter what. Almost forgot Dane Reynolds. He’s gnarly too. I like them all.

Ke Iki beach break

Trying to break my neck….definitely dodge…..but a lot of fun…..if you’re in need of a serious sand scrub, this is the place !!!


My first two days in Hawaii have been pretty fun. Surfed some left rip bowls and messy Waimea and Off The Wall this afternoon when it started to clean up. The weather has been pretty damn fine as you can see and that line-up shot of Pipe and Backdoor is going to be pretty flawless tomorrow. Too bad there’s a bodyboarding comp. I guess Off The Wall will be pretty crowded. Still looking forward to it.

Anchor Point……..Morocco









Breaka Burleigh

This is Mick Fanning at the Breaka Burleigh 4* WQS.  It’s a small event, but it’s right before the first WCT at Snapper, 10 minutes down the road from Burleigh. Obviously the top pros are shining, but my good friends Dale Staples and Nick Godfrey made the round of 64, pretty good considering the field. Off to Hawaii tomorrow.

This is probably how the judges looked after my heat today. It was really slow and I had a bit of a shocker. I’m getting really angry with myself with my string of bad results. It’s pissing me off actually…… I’m trying to improve, see what the pro’s are doing.