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Goodbye Australia….. I’m going home…..

Me questioning the conditions, turned out to be pretty fun…. Tasmania was fun. We had a camper van, so wherever we went, we were warm and had somewhere to make food ect. so it was pretty enjoyable to say the least. The waves were really good for our short stay, but I am so exited to go home. I’ve learnt a lot and met lots of interesting people in my two months abroad, but going home is just…. there’s no place like home is there!?


Tasmania… beautiful!

Tasmania… in the sticks!

We are in Tasmania for the Cold Water Classic…

On the road…

Contest site – Lighthouse beach, Tasmania

Jordy= 09 champ      John John+airtime=perfect 10


On the road…..not much swell today… Darryl took us touring west aus…

Lake Cave….

Voyager Wine Estate for some wine tasting…….hehe…….we have no idea what we are doing…….this is definitely for the larneys only !!

Down-town Perth

Farewell West Aus, Well Done Josh Kerr

We are sitting at Perth Airport awaiting our flight to Hobart, Tasmania, the final leg of my Australian trip, for the 6* Oniell Coldwater Classic. Western Australia was really fun. It’s a very laid back place (a lot like home) and we had some really fun waves. The talk of the town was the final of the Drug Aware Pro between Josh Kerr and Taj Burrow. Taj had it in the bag, he had comboed Josh. With 5 minutes left Josh launched a return attack, which must be one of the finest comebacks in the sport. He scored a perfect 10-point ride and backed it up with a 7 a few minutes later. It was amazing and inspiring to witness…..

Same old, same old….

This is a shot of yesterday at Yallingup. But lets forget about yesterday, today was eventful. Me and Dale woke up early for a surf at the infamous Box. Long story short, Dale got minor concussion and I was left with no surfing partner for the rest of the day. Had some fun waves at Gas Bay though…..

Another day chilling in West Aus

We had some really fun waves today at Gas and enjoyed a good ol’ Aussie meat pie… They never disappoint after a long surf.

Western Australia

Just arrived in West Aus. We were greeted by an amazing sunset on our first afternoon and some fun waves on our second day. Trials for the 6* prime event.

Rudy Palmboom







Rudy is a good friend…..but with problems…

He is from the “BLUFF”…….enough said !

He has a “smell fetish”

Girls like him…a lot…..and he’s smooooof

His style is too easy…… like Parko’s

Sydney….. in sepia