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greg emslie….sa champ 2010


The news: “….former World Tour surfer Greg Emslie added a second Men’s title to his trophy cabinet and was awarded his national team blazer as the first member of the SA Team that will compete in the ISA World Surfing Games in Peru later this year.”

What a legend…..gongrats Greg, I’m so happy for you !! I know of no surfer that can read the ocean better than Greg….he is always on the best waves, even when he’s not trying.

Good luck in Peru……it’s time to be World Champ again…….that would be sweeeet !!!!




Took a trip to the hospital to get some gross warts burnt off between my two toes….this is “the before”

The warts

My sweet outfit, and looking forward to some MEDICATIOOOOON, yeah !!!

And the “now” look – gangrine Visagie – vrot vleis – not a pretty sight!!!. It really hurts going surfing too…..


The Cambridge dictionary defines disappointed as: unhappy because someone or something was not as good as you hoped or expected, or because something did not happen.

I liked the YourDictionary definition better: Displeased, dissatisfied, discouraged, frustrated, let down, unsatisfied, despondent, depressed, objecting, complaining, distressed, downcast, hopeless, disconcerted, disgruntled, disillusioned, shot down.

Right now, I should be in the skies over the Indian Ocean on my way to Indo for a Mentawi boat trip…..things went wrong….some guys pulled out……

Surfing Mossels with my friends is just as good.


I’ve been home for a few days. It’s always good to be home, surf your homebreak, see your friends, eat mom’s food ect. The lighthouse is one of Mossel Bay’s iconic landmarks….. Home is good………

some more morocco

rio wall art

Some interesting wall paintings on some wall somewhere near Copacabana in Rio De Jinerio  in Brazil


from the archives: kuta cruising, july 2007

Right now I am on my way to Flrionopolas from Saquarema…. While on my laptop I found these shots of me and Matt Bromley cruising through Kuta, Bali circa July 2007. Good times! Thanks Jason for taking photo’s…..

2010…’s gonna happen !!!

To all the “nay-sayers” who said that Africa will not be ready…..sorry boys…..our stadiums are ready, the crowds are ready, the players are ready……..BRING IT ON……..the greatest show on earth!!! Soccer mania has gripped the fans here in Brazil and they believe the golden cup belongs to them.

Thanks to my dad’s friend, Gerhard Steenkamp,  for the photo’s. He is one of the lucky few who will be covering the games… seat in the house.

guarda vidas

Guarda Vidas……..Who even knows what that means? I just thought it was a really cool looking shack on the beach here in Brazil…. Notice the weather? Not all sunshine and girls in minimal clothing cruising around… Oh well, better than school or work!?