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Did a beautiful hairstyle for a very serious portrait at Canngu….. It’s actually a hideous hairstyle and not serious at all……. Having an amazing time in Bali….

Also well done to Julian Wilson for winning the 6* at Arugam Bay last week…. He was the man to beat all week, especially on the day of the finals, when it matters most! A very deserved winner……


bali vacation

Day 1 in Bali has been goooooood. Had 2 really fun surfs at Canngu with Brendon. I really want to get barreled soon, starting to get withdrawals……

some more sri lanka……

A couple random pics of my amazing time in Sri Lanka….

Air at Peanut Farm

Me and Dale chilling in the Love Hut….

Taking out a couple locals on Giggs’ SUP

Another potentially  perfect set-up

Gunning for the tube…..

sights of sri lanka

A beautiful sunrise, a surf shot and some elephants are all close by and regular things here in Arugam Bay. The contest is in full swing so we have to mission to surf so most of our time is spent cruising, playing chess and supporting all our mates in their heats….. Oh and happy fathers day to all the dad’s out there!!

saffa’s go seeking…..

A few of the South African boys went and checked a point a little bit south of the main break here at Arugam Bay. The waves were a bit dissmal, but it was still fun to surf with all the guys…..

Dale conquers all possible sunburn with “the mask”

The setup

The Royden Bryson backhand sanga….

Dale Staples

Shaun Joubert

And Davey Weare

the hillton – sri lanka

Our hotel is called the Hillton, but it’s definately a fake. There is no chance that Paris and her family built this place or will ever be caught dead spending a night here. It’s still prime location pretty close to the surfspot and the staff is really friendly. The restaurant makes a pretty decent meal too, but not compared to real Hiltton’s…..

drive thru sri lanka

We (me, Dale and my dad) have arrived in Sri-Lanka’s Arugam Bay after a hell mission including a 10 hour drive from Colombo…. The wave here is quite fun and some swell is expected for the event…. The accommodation is also kinda dodgy…. And by far the hottest place I’ve ever visited, but still lots of fun…..

jack nicholson

Jack Nicholson is by far my favourite actor. I enjoy his old movies, his new movies, his serious rolls, his comedic rolls and everything about the guy. He is a living legend and hopefully he will never be forgotten in show-biz…….

at home.

Been home for a while now. It’s been really fun staying home, surfing with all my friends and just having a good time. Some shots of my good friends surfing….


Yumar Croukamp

Johan Kriek

Peppi Venter

die antwoord…..

Watched infamous SA band “Die Antwoord” in Cape Town. It was absolutely crazy!! Ninja and Yolandi are crazy on stage….. They just started their world tour and did a couple gigs at home, so it was amazing to see them perform at home….. It was really an experience to witness these guys in action, hopefully I get the chance to see them again……