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greg emslie does it again…..

Well what can I say about Greg Emslie. He has won another contest…. If he wasn’t such an absolute legend I would’ve been over him winning almost every contest he has entered this year (3 out of 4). I couldn’t think of a more deserving winner of the O’niell CWC Cape Town. He had the hardest half of the draw and dominated every heat. His trophy looks amazing too!! I’m kinda jealous of that thing….. I was happy with my 5th finish, although I felt I should’ve made my heat, catching a wave with seconds to spare and not being counted for “standing up after the siren”. Whatever… Well done Emmo’s!!!!!

Me earlier in the day….


O’Neill CWC, Cape Town

Won my round 0f 64 heat at O’Neill CWC contest yesterday. Also happy that my BB team manager Ryan Payne progressed with me. Check out live action on the O’Neill website.

Tomorrow is round of 32……


No, these are not my photo’s….. I really do want to be able to take photo’s like this with my Lomography Camera. I might just go buy a new one while in Cape Town just to make myself feel more capable of creating such art! I’ve got a bit of a film camera fetish….

where to now?

The year is halfway through….. So it’s almost like starting over…. There is a grueling schedule ahead, but I’m ready and exited! New goals are being set after the mid-year cut-off, some people’s expectations have risen, while others have lost some hope…. I just want to carry one having fun……

I really like Ozzy Osbourne. He dropped a new album recently called Scream, which I really enjoy. MTV made my day the other day by playing his single Let Me Hear You Scream on the Rock Chart.

This is almost the most excitement since the Billabong Pro ended, Jordy and his crew pulled in for the night, but have left again, because there are no waves.

J’Bay Diary; Jordy Smith; Billabong Pro Champion

J’Bay Diary; Billabong Pro 2010

Action aplenty at the Pro.

Holmsey does again !!!!

Jordy no. 1 !!!!

J’Bay Diary; Billabong Pro 2010; Day 1

Click on an image to start gallery:

Lots of action on day 1. Beautifull day. Waves firing. Life is good.

Dale Staples won the VZ super trial to qualify for the main event.

I surfed against Kelly – eeech – the King is too good – could not stop his charge to a potential 10th world champion crown!!!!

Lost against Adriano da Sousa in round two. Bummed.

J’Bay Diary; Billabong Pro 2010; Day -1

Looks as if we are going to jump into a start on the first day…….according to predictions the swell will start building during the night and the call is for an early 07h30 start.

First to surf will be the VC wildcards…….then round ONE……PSYCHED….!!!!!!

Check out the action live at Billabong Pro website.

J’Bay Diary; Billabong Pro 2010; Day -3

Three things that we associate with J’Bay…the perfect Wave, the Aloe’s and the Boardwalk.

The Wave is a gift from nature…….but the rest is through the hard work from The Supertubes Foundation.

The Supertubes Foundation was put into place to maintain the natural beach environment. With 10,000 spectators at the annual Billabong Contest, the beautiful sand dunes and the aloes were becoming highly endangered. So the Foundation, which is sponsored by Billabong, employs teams of local people to plant aloes, to erect wooden boardwalks, to eradicate non-indigenous plants and to keep the beaches clean from Albatross in the north to Kitchen Windows in the south. The Foundation was initially started by three trustees: myself, Brad Davey and Koffie Jacobs. Cheron Kraak is also a member and she has been very generous in funding much of this project” says Tyrone Smith, who was the Chairman of the J Bay Boardriders Club for a passage of seven years.

So, support them, visit their site, respect nature…….stay off the dunes !!!!