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More Pantin, Spain


Sri-Lanka Clip

A little clip of me and Dale in Sri-Lanka earlier this year.

pantin, spain

Had a surf with Ricky, Royden and Chad the other day. It was rainy and the light was really bad, therefore only 2 shots were usable……

Farewell Fabulous France

A little restaurant behind the contest site, where I’m sure my mom would’ve spent a lot of time and Euro…..

A room with a view. The little orange and red dot’s are my wetsuits. That was THE spot. But that is all behind us, we did an 11hour drive and are now in Pantin, Spain….

Lacanau, France

Did some sight-seeing around Lacanau with the boys. Checked out a church and a graveyard…… Cultural experience to the max.

Having a coffee and a croissant (French staple food) with Brendon and Rudy

Rudy was ripping today… He’s still going in the event.

I was frothing for my heat in the fun conditions and I ended up making it, looking forward to tomorrow, it’s looking good.


Lisbon, Portugal

After the Azores 6*Prime, which was cancelled due to no waves, we had a little stop-over in the picturesque Lisbon or Lisboa as the Portuguese call it, on our way to Lacanau, which is also dead flat (sad face)…..


Some shot’s of my time in the Azores so far.

Kolohe Andino

Kolohe Andino is the world’s best 16 year old surfer, no doubt! He’s got it all – contest results, movie sections, airs, barrel riding, amazing sponsors and a good support team……

I Still Shoot Film

Recently checked out this site, It’s really amazing!! Some people are just really talented with a camera…..

Woman’s Day

Yesterday was Woman’s Day in South Africa. Happy woman’s day to my aunt’s, gran’s, female friend’s and my two favourites: my mom and Adele….