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Recent Film

Got some films developed recently from my fisheye Lomography camera.

These were from my day I spent in Rio between contests earlier in the year. I almost forgot about it, but the photo’s bought back good memories.

Adele 🙂

Posing with my dream vehicle – an old school Mercedes station wagon……

I had an amazing time in Europe too, there are so many beautiful things to take photo’s of. I also figured out how to double expose with my fisheye…….


Europe Clip

It’s Gone……..

I’ve seen France, Portugal and Spain. Driven 6000km is 5 weeks. Surfed a lot of different breaks. Surfed lots of contests. Got a contest cancelled. Got frustrated. Laughed, smiled and enjoyed. Eaten a lot of baguettes. Went on photo missions. I had an amazing time in Europe and I can’t wait to come back!!

Figuera da Foz

Portugal…… The last stop of the long, grueling, European leg. Staying with good friends Brendon and Rudy…. The waves are kind of fun, but still not great…. I’m still going in the contest which is making me a bit more positive! It’s a sick place, though. I’m enjoying it!


I walked in a forest and I liked it……

A Day In Biarritz

Had a pretty fun day cruising in Biarritz with Brendon and my dad, had a surf after – waves were pretty average, but better than nothing. It’s a really beautiful place with amazing architecture……

France….. Oh, France.

Our main man Kevin Olsen who lives and runs his surfschool in France. He’s been taking us to the funnest banks…. Always good to have someone who knows the area.

Our (Kevin’s) spot for the week……

Rudy Palmboom, who’s actually in France with Fox, but we’ve been bumping into him pretty regularly.

The war bunkers at Capbreton Beach.


Brendon Gibbens.

Royden Bryson

Beautiful scenes of Hossegor…….

The Dead Weather

The Dead Weather is one of my favourite band’s at the moment….. Amazing stuff!


We are in the Basque Country…. This is neither France nor Spain….

The Basque Country, the last little stretch of Spain, just before France. They are not Spanish, according to themselves. They have been fighting independence for a very long time, and the struggle still continues to this very day. It’s a beautiful part of the country and I am having an amazing time here. Now we just need some good waves……