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Caleta De Famara….

My time in Famara has come to an end, but I still have lots to look forward to, because apparently the next contest in Gran Canaries also has amazing waves! I enjoyed my time at this little seaside village and I can’t wait to come back next year…. Out



Been in Canaries for a couple days now. It’s like dessert-at-the-beach vibe. It’s ridiculously hot, but the waves are very good! It’s a pretty interesting place, I’ve really been enjoying my time here. Hopefully the waves keep flowing…..

Some Fisheye film shots from my last Europe trip. I am on my way back there tomorrow (Canaries)….. Long journey awaits. Can’t wait!

Slow Shutter Speed San Francisco

Playing with slow shutter speeds is very fun. All photo’s come out so much more interesting. I love it…..

Alcatraz, San Francisco, California

Checked out Alcatraz, an old State Penitentiary. I would’ve hated to be stuck at this place, it’s cold, dingy and gross. It was an amazing experience though, stoked to check it out!


These are the shots from my first roll of film with my new Holga Lomography camera….. I like it!

Santa Cruz

Been in Santa Cruz, California for 2 days now. Been hanging with Brendon and Davey (travel partner for the trip). It’s a really weird place, with odd (to say the least) people, but the wave, Steamer Lane is really fun, which makes me very exited for the contest, the O’niell Coldwater Classic. Oh and it’s cold!!


Bali – Goodbye

Keanu Asing

Ryan Callinan


After the contest we had a good run of waves for a day or two and then like all things in life, it just stopped. So most days we just cruised and enjoyed life in Bali – how could you not enjoy life in Bali!?

On our last day there we took a ┬ásail boat to Lembongan Island for the day with the Billabong Team…… Good times.

Bali – Oakley Pro Junior – Dale Staples gets 2nd!!!

Everyone knew that if it was barreling, Dale Staples was the man to beat. And he most definitely ┬ádidn’t disappoint. Dropping huge scores in every heat for the impossible tube – rides he came flying out of time after time. I would almost have to say he was the favourite going into the Final. Unfortunately only one really decent wave came through in the Final and Jack Freestone was on it. Dale is currently getting stitches for a broken champagne bottle almost cutting off his finger – what a pansy!! Haha. Well done Dale!! Stoked for you brother!!


Bali – Oakley Pro Junior Day 4

Dale spent some quality time in the tube this morning – as he usually does……

I also managed to get barreled. And do a turn. And snap a good board (sad face).

Started off having an early surf at Kerammas today, which was cut a bit short when I was informed I had to surf my round 3 heat – I made it, stoked…. Beyrick surfed an amazing heat, but unfortunately couldn’t get a back-up wave. Chad, Dale and Brendon get to surf their round 3 heats at Kerammas, I’m pretty jealous hahaha…..