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Dale Staples

Shimpei Horiguchi

Jack Freestone

Granger Larsen

Keanu Asing


Chase Wilson

Adam Robertson


Oh right.

Some more surf shots from Spex. There has been so much action the last couple days that I haven’t even taken my camera out – stupid me. Thanksgiving feeds, Black Friday shopping. And some fun waves. It’s been pretty fricken good.


Scary to think that we surf over this!!


Firstly, well done to my house mate Heath Joske on making the final at Haleiwa. Joel Parkinson won, but Heathy (with the best Mustache for Movember in my books) did us all proud, surfing from round 1. 

We have had some really good waves lately. Been surfing a lot. It’s been good. Thanks to Sasha ‘Spex’ Specker for the surf shots!!

Bike Path Memories

The bike path – it must be one of the most beautiful bike paths in the world. While cycling under lush vegetation and palm tree’s you will definitely run into some interesting character’s  (people walking their pet parrot), sign’s warning you of dangerous surf and of course step of the path onto the beach, look left and you will see a beautiful sunset!!


I had a surf with Archy (Matt Archbold) at Off The Wall yesterday. I don’t know too much about him. I know he was a bit of a wild child and charger. He is still the man out at Off The Wall. I really respect him and his surfing. He rips!

Slow Shutter Speed Sunset

Pretty stoked with this photo I took of a sunset a couple days ago…..


Hawaii has been fun so far. Today is unbelievably dead flat, but there have been some waves around. Pretty frothed out on the swim I had with Dale checking out the dreaded reef at Pipe/Backdoor. If it’s possible, I am more scared than ever before of the place.

Bye Bye Canaries

The Canaries was good – good waves, good times. I am in San Francisco on my way to Hawaii right now. Can’t wait to see all my friends I have been hanging with or haven’t seen in a while. Well, I am excited to say the least.

Morning Surf

Beyrick De Vries

Heath Joske

Brandon Jackson


This was a surf we had before the event (5* Canaries). The waves were pretty bad, but still fun. I really like this wave!