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A couple shot’s of Rod Davey from Davey Surfboards’ factory, me shaping and my finished product. To be perfectly honest I didn’t shape the board from start to finish, Rod helped a lot, which is good, because now the board looks pretty sick, rather than a total mess. So that’s it for 2010 – see you next year.


Christmas Celebrations

Had such a fun Christmas with my mom, dad, grandparents, girlfriend (Adele) and good friends (Peppi, Rod and Ingrid). It was good to be home and hanging with all my favourite people, just having a blast. Oh and me and Rod Davey shaped my blank today!


These shots were taken in the Canaries with my Holga loaded with redscale film, which gives it the sepia-ish look.

Summer Clip

Summer on Vimeo on Vimeo

via Summer on Vimeo.

Outerpool Surf

Peppi Venter


Johan Kriek

Waves were fun at Outerpool yesterday, funnest since I’ve been back. Home is so fun to surf.


I am at home and loving it! This shot is a little bit down from my house. Been having some fun waves too ūüôā


Took my Holga to Haight-Ashbury, famous Hippy-Era landmark, in San Francisco a while back, and only recently got it developed. Pretty happy with the results.

My time in Hawaii is almost over. I have one more day and then a 3 day hell mission home, but that’s all good. I miss home. Also got a new addition to the family. Buks. My new brother, other one passed in September. Can’t wait to play with him.