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This was about a month ago towards the end of a swell when the onshore came up. It’s always fun when it goes onshore towards the end of the swell, because people don’t like onshore or are surfed out and over it. Plus the wave becomes very rippable. The top 2 photo’s are Adin Jeenes and then me……

Tube + turn

I was in Scotland just long enough to get a barrel and do a turn…..

Last Day In Western Australia


Mitch Crews

Gabe Kling

West Aus is a really special place and definitely one of my favourite spots in the world. It’s really sad to leave the place…. My last day was so fun and eventful it made leaving even worse. Had a really fun surf at Big Rock, saw Damien Hobgood take out the mens event and Courtney Conologue take out the womens event, sat on the porch with Matt Bromley while the sun was setting and remembered the good times…….

Contest and an air

The contest set-up (tower, VIP area’s, wave ect) is a spectacle in itself without the world’s best shredding. The contest sponsors have really hooked everyone up and mother nature has delivered, which is all you want at an event. I’m having a lot of fun hanging at the contest watching heats and also surfing other spots. West Aus is surfers heaven!!

Sunrise and Sunset

A West Australian sunrise and sunset.

Dawn Patrol


Went for an early morning surf at Margaret River with some of the other Saffa’s (Royden, Brandon and Travis). The waves were really good. Everyone got a couple and exited the water with smiles. I really hope it stays similar for the contest. And if it doesn’t, at least we scored it for a while…….