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SAFFA juniors rule in Peru !!!!

The SA junior team scored a second place at the ISA world Junior Surfing Championships in Peru with Davey Brand (3rd u18), Bianca Buitendag (2nd Girls) and Dylan Lightfoot (2nd u16) all surfing in the finals…….sooooooooo good !!!! Congrats to all the surfers and coaches and managers….to beat Oz and USA and Hawaii… is good !!


Saquarema, Brazil

We’re in Brazil for the Saquarema Pro. Waves for the first day too small, swell predictions for later in the week looks good. (Scored the photos from the contest site and internet)

Birthday Party

It’s amazing that even with all the Twitter, facebook, SMS and stuff around that your friends can still pull a surprise party off…….thanks so much……good times !!!!


Beyrick de Vries, Kyle Lane and Chris Leppan


.Photos taken a while ago at the East London contest held at Eastern Beach.

Pic and Choose……

I’ve been home for a day – good timing – Stanley Badger from Channel Islands Surfboards (S.A.) brought a bunch of boards for all the Mossel Bay locals to try out…. thanks Stan !!!!!! We had a blast.


Almost time to leave Mexico. I have had an amazing time with some super fun waves. Long journey home begins soon….

Flying Formation: Pelicans

Board Swap

 Dale on my board.

Me on Dale’s board.


Pretty sick view of Salina Cruz from our accommodation in Mexico…..

Lowers Pro, Nike 6.0, Trestles, Final Day

Miguel Pupo

Kelohe Andino

Pro Junior Winner: Keano Asing

Pro Winner: Miguel Pupo