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Azores in Lomo

I took these shots last year with my Lomo Fisheye. Last year the ocean was flat and the weather was nice. This year the weather has been windy and rainy, and there have been waves (which is why I have no photo’s – too busy frothing, surfing and “focusing”)!


Azores: Billabong Pro

We are in the beautiful Azores Islands for the Billabong Pro – and this time we have WAVES – yeeeuw!!! Thanks to Aquashot and internet for the photos.

Cape Town For A Day

Went to Cape Town for a day and hung out with bromdogsblog. Had some fun waves and watched Kelly win Trestles. Good times!


Vic Bay

Walking in Paris

Did the tourist thing around Paris. Never walked so much in my life! All the old buildings are so amazing! Stoked to see all the sights, but I’m not doing it by foot again (for now).







San Sebastian, Spain


Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao






Code Red: Zarautz, Spain

Typhoon “Jacomina Hendriena” slammed into the Zarautz coastline and forced organizers of the San Miguel Pro to put the contest on hold. Lefts, rights and “fat lips” exploded onto the beach. The tow-in session will not be broadcasted live – in fact, even that was cancelled !!!!

Lone paddle boarder stuck in the middle of the bay waiting for the rescue helicopter.