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The American’s love a holiday, and Thanksgiving is their favourite. The day is all about relaxing with friends and family, eating amazing food and of course, giving thanks. It was a sick day, because we relaxed with friends, had a huge feast, gave thanks, had a good time, and had some good waves!

Shaun Joubert

Dale Staples


It’s not my fault

Can I use this as an excuse for loosing my heat?

Africa Project Teaser

Check out the trailer of Jason Hearne’s movie, The Africa Project. If you are in South Africa on the 25th of November go check it out at Trinity, 15 Bennet Street, Green Point, Cape Town. Thanks Jay for making a movie about the South African boys and including me in the project!

Hawaii: Exposed

Normaly, the media will start the Hawaii season expose with some deep “pit” photos – not to be – the ocean is flat – Surfline starts with some tailwafts, slashes and airs….check it out…..happy to be part of it !!

Bears and Birds



On Kangaroo Island you will find a lot of….well…..kangaroo’s…..A LOT, but you will also see the odd koala bear and pelican.




Kangaroo Island