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Late season Hawaii is the best! We have had constant waves for about 6 days now. Although there is a huge swell coming. Like 20/25 feet huge. I’m kinda fearing. It’s been nice to see everyone after the break and catch up with friends from all over the world. We really do have the best job in the world!

California Snapshots

It’s time to go to Hawaii! I had a sick week in California and can’t wait to spend more time here through the year! I got a bank account, social security number, looked at cars, got a bicycle, coached with Ian Cairns and surfed a different spot everyday. Good times!

Arty People Are Naturally Arty

I am not an artist. But Clement de Bruin is. An amazing artist I might add! I dunno if I wanna take the board into the ocean or not. Anyway check out Clement’s sight ( You won’t regret it!

T-Street, San Clemente

This is my new home break. It doesn’t look like much, but it has produced many generations of world class surfers, from Matt Archbold to Kolohe Andino. Hopefully it works some magic on me too…..

Kolohe Andino ripping

Kolohe is one of two rookies on the ASP World Tour (Yadin Nicol is the other). If this clip is anything to go by, he is gonna be crushing some dreams come March!