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Shaun Joubert Trifecta from Shaun Joubert on Vimeo.

Bali, Home, California


This week

Bought a new car! Super stoked!

My mom came over to the States for a visit. It’s always amazing to spend time with my mom, I don’t get to see her as much as I want.

Matt Bromley stopped over at my spot for a few days on his way home from Hawaii.

Good times….

Jordy…..some time ago

It was Jordy’s birthday recently, thought I would dig out some old photos. U18 final of the ISA 2006 Worlds in Brazil – what a line-up !! Jeremy, Jordy, Julian…with Julian sneaking the win over Jordy.

Jordy….always more comfortable in the air than everybody.

Pappa Gee, what a LEGEND, loved traveling with him, and he shapes a mean surfboard too….

Contest at D’Bah – Jordy scored 5 perfect 10’s on one day.

Nicky, Chad, Dale, Jordy, Jaco, me and Dane hanging at Bells. Jordy inspired us to travel and compete in Oz…some serious good times !!!

Riding Road Mountains

the other side…Hawaii

When we’re in Hawaii we spend most of our time watching the ocean, checking the swell…the next set…..the next wave, who’s doing what on the wave..etc – of that we have lots of photos, but if you want to check out the “street scene” have a peek at these street photographers sites:

a good day…..

Today’s conditions was very much similar to what we’ve had in the previous Hawaii contest – you either get a good score or nothing….I got lucky..


Pretty bummed about missing the Superbowl tomorrow, I have to go to Brazil for the first 6* Prime of the year. I honestly don’t know too much about football, but it’s pretty sick to watch. My dad bet the Giants were gonna win, so I guess I got to go for the Patriots.