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West Australia Life

The Telstra Drug Aware Pro finished almost a week ago, with John Florence winning, comfortably. I have decided to hang around here, because the waves are sick and I really like it here. I would have to say this is my favourite contest of the year! In other unrelated news, the surfing world has lost one of it’s biggest legends, Michael Peterson. RIP



Margaret River area has suffered some pretty bad bush fires lately. It makes for really nice photo’s by day and night, but it sucks to see the really pretty landscape all burned down. Hopefully everything goes back to normal!

It’s good to be back.


So good to be back in West Aus. It’s definitely my one of my favourite stops on the tour. Frothing for 2 weeks in this joint!



Back in Oz for a few comps – so good to surf in boardies again – Cali – she’s cold in winter. This is a photo of Kangaroo Island, South Oz – beautiful place but when we were there late year, the waves were absent.


Just found these two photo’s from Bali last year. Can’t wait to go back again! Love that joint….