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Lowers Warm-Ups



Shaun Joubert


Sebastian Ziets

Me and Tanner Ruzonko


Dylan Goodale, Luke Davis, Tanner Rozunko, Ian Crane

Nic Von Rupp

Cory Lopez

Brandon Jackson

Garret Parkes

Travis Logie

John Florence

Billy Stairmand


Nate Yeomans

Richard Christie

Granger Larsen

Heath Joske

The boys are in town, the waves are fun and everyone is ripping! Stoked to be a part of all the mayhem!


Desert Dreaming – WA Clip

Africa……by Jaap Wildeboer







When living in Africa, you don’t always appreciate the wildlife. Good friend Jaap Wildeboer decided to combine his “aimlessly driving around” and “South African Nature Reserves visit”  hobbies into animal photography – check out this small selection of his amazing photos.




Freemantle, Perth for a day

The waves were terrible and we had a late night flight so we decided to check out Freemantle, Perth with Damien Fahrenfort. Good times!!