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Best day of my life!

I won the GOLD medal at the ISA Reef World Surfing Games in Panama… guess that makes me a World Champ…

And Team South Africa won the Gold medal!

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West Oz 2013


J’Bay in B&W

ImageShaun Joubert

ImageDeon Lategan

ImageShaun Joubert

ImageBianca Buitendag

ImageShaun Joubert

ImageShaun Joubert

ImageDave Richards

ImageWarrick Heny

ImageShaun Joubert

ImageJaco Steyn

ImageLlewellyn Whittaker

ImageShaun Joubert

J’Bay summer waves…….a rare treat !!














2nd Summer



“Living” in two different countries on either side of the Equator means I get to enjoy more than one summer a year at “home”. We have been blessed with some of the best waves and weather in years. It’s so good to surf my home-break with some of my closest friends. I couldn’t ask for too much more!




Shaun Joubert





Johann Kriek




Shaun Joubert




Llewellyn Whittaker




Peppie Venter





Shaun Joubert




Johann Kriek




Shaun Joubert




Peppie Venter




Johann Kriek



Shaun Joubert







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It’s Hawaii end of the year time again…getting boards ready…..hoping…some of us hope to make a few heats and score a few points, some of us hope to win a contest, some us hope to get on the world tour, some us hope to stay on the world tour, a few hope to be Triple Crown Champ and even better, crowned World Champ…….all of us hope to score a barrel of a lifetime…may we all have a season to remember…

Thanks for the photos, Darrol Staples…the Braai king of the world.

Maldives Boat Trip

Good memories, many moons ago, my first boat trip, for Jason Hearn’s movie “15 Below”, frothing groms. Dale and Dane Staples,  James and Thomas Woods, Nick Godfrey, Brendon Gibbens, Mickey February and Matt Bromley – good friends -miss them – sadly I don’t  see enough of them anymore…

Alan van Gysen photo

San Miguel Pro, Zarautz, Spain


Addo Elephant Park

on the road… Cape Town

J’Bay, the warm-up

It’s All Happening Durban

Chris Leppan, Myself, Matt Hewitt, Dale Staples and Matt Bromley at the SA Surfing Awards. Thanks to Zigzag for an amazing night and congrats to all the winners!


Red Bull x Jordy Smith Nighshift at Northbeach. Flood lights were set up and all the boys were getting whipped in at night. It was pretty crazy to surf in front of such a huge crowd at nigh! Hope I get the chance to do it again next year. Pics by Kolesky.

Last, but not least the Mr Price Pro is on at Ballito. They have only done 9 heats of Rd1 so far, but hopefully the waves pick up and we can get amongst it!!


Just got back from an Indo trip with Garret Parkes, Davey Cathels, Caio Ibelli, Thomas Woods, Keanu Asing and Kai Hing aboard the Mangalui. Also photog Swilly, vidoegrapher Shagga and writer Ben Whitmore. Lots of sick times were had! Fun waves! Ice-cold Bintangs! Funny stories! And the worlds greatest sunsets!

outer pool, mossel bay

Story time…….


Home, “klippies en Cola”, braai, “black label”, friends…..talking story, life is good !!

Tyler, The Creator

This guy is amazing!


Does this make me a legitimate Californian? I don’t know. At least my car now belongs to me, which makes me feel grown up. Frothing nonetheless….

Mossel Bay Lighthouse

Surfing……Cruising……in So Cal

Lowers Warm-Ups



Shaun Joubert


Sebastian Ziets

Me and Tanner Ruzonko


Dylan Goodale, Luke Davis, Tanner Rozunko, Ian Crane

Nic Von Rupp

Cory Lopez

Brandon Jackson

Garret Parkes

Travis Logie

John Florence

Billy Stairmand


Nate Yeomans

Richard Christie

Granger Larsen

Heath Joske

The boys are in town, the waves are fun and everyone is ripping! Stoked to be a part of all the mayhem!

Desert Dreaming – WA Clip

Africa……by Jaap Wildeboer







When living in Africa, you don’t always appreciate the wildlife. Good friend Jaap Wildeboer decided to combine his “aimlessly driving around” and “South African Nature Reserves visit”  hobbies into animal photography – check out this small selection of his amazing photos.




Freemantle, Perth for a day

The waves were terrible and we had a late night flight so we decided to check out Freemantle, Perth with Damien Fahrenfort. Good times!!

West Australia Life

The Telstra Drug Aware Pro finished almost a week ago, with John Florence winning, comfortably. I have decided to hang around here, because the waves are sick and I really like it here. I would have to say this is my favourite contest of the year! In other unrelated news, the surfing world has lost one of it’s biggest legends, Michael Peterson. RIP


Margaret River area has suffered some pretty bad bush fires lately. It makes for really nice photo’s by day and night, but it sucks to see the really pretty landscape all burned down. Hopefully everything goes back to normal!