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Tyler, The Creator

This guy is amazing!


Desert Dreaming – WA Clip


Shaun Joubert Trifecta from Shaun Joubert on Vimeo.

Bali, Home, California

Kolohe Andino ripping

Kolohe is one of two rookies on the ASP World Tour (Yadin Nicol is the other). If this clip is anything to go by, he is gonna be crushing some dreams come March!

Africa Project Teaser

Check out the trailer of Jason Hearne’s movie, The Africa Project. If you are in South Africa on the 25th of November go check it out at Trinity, 15 Bennet Street, Green Point, Cape Town. Thanks Jay for making a movie about the South African boys and including me in the project!

Lowers Leftovers

A few B-grade clips from Lower Trestles. Enjoy 🙂

Where’s Kelly?

Kolohe Andino

He is an absolute freak….. Especially out at his home break – Trestles.

Trestles Warm-Up

Had a warm-up out at Trestles with what seemed like the whole tour, but that’s probably because the waves were about 30min apart. Really fun when they came though!

Tube + turn

I was in Scotland just long enough to get a barrel and do a turn…..