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Mossel Bay….


This blog is specially for Peter Hart……it’s been cooooooking NON-STOP……… where are you ????







Photographer: Craig Kolesky

Profiles of the South African action-sports\surf photographers are on the rise. Check out this “18Seconds” article on Red Bull shooter, Craig Colesky. Although most of the shots featured Jordy, I lucked into one as well – saweet!! “18seconds” is a great Ozzie online magazine and also ran an article on Thomas (Tomatie) Woods – check it out.

Alan van Gysen featured as one of “15 top international Surf Photographers”┬áin Chris Power’s book “Shooting the Curl”.

And the best for last…….Sheriff (Greg Ewing) scored the cover of “Farmers Weekly”…..heh heh, how cool is that !!!!

A few waves and a wedding….

Lu Whittaker



Mr. and Mrs. Whittaker

Been at home for a couple days and scored some good waves and good weather………just in time for Lu and Lynette’s wedding…..congrats !!!!

Slow Shutter Surf

Had some super fun waves at Innerpool yesterday arvo with no-one out. The light wasn’t great, so my dad played around with the shutter speed. I really like the final product!

Christmas Celebrations

Had such a fun Christmas with my mom, dad, grandparents, girlfriend (Adele) and good friends (Peppi, Rod and Ingrid). It was good to be home and hanging with all my favourite people, just having a blast. Oh and me and Rod Davey shaped my blank today!

from the archives: m-bay shred session in black and white

A surf me and friends had some time last year at Innerpool…. Waves look so fun!


Peppi Venter


Johan Kriek


Johan Kriek

greg emslie does it again…..

Well what can I say about Greg Emslie. He has won another contest…. If he wasn’t such an absolute legend I would’ve been over him winning almost every contest he has entered this year (3 out of 4). I couldn’t think of a more deserving winner of the O’niell CWC Cape Town. He had the hardest half of the draw and dominated every heat. His trophy looks amazing too!! I’m kinda jealous of that thing….. I was happy with my 5th finish, although I felt I should’ve made my heat, catching a wave with seconds to spare and not being counted for “standing up after the siren”. Whatever… Well done Emmo’s!!!!!

Me earlier in the day….

I really like Ozzy Osbourne. He dropped a new album recently called Scream, which I really enjoy. MTV made my day the other day by playing his single Let Me Hear You Scream on the Rock Chart.

This is almost the most excitement since the Billabong Pro ended, Jordy and his crew pulled in for the night, but have left again, because there are no waves.

at home.

Been home for a while now. It’s been really fun staying home, surfing with all my friends and just having a good time. Some shots of my good friends surfing….


Yumar Croukamp

Johan Kriek

Peppi Venter

die antwoord…..

Watched infamous SA band “Die Antwoord” in Cape Town. It was absolutely crazy!! Ninja and Yolandi are crazy on stage….. They just started their world tour and did a couple gigs at home, so it was amazing to see them perform at home….. It was really an experience to witness these guys in action, hopefully I get the chance to see them again……