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Maldives Boat Trip

Good memories, many moons ago, my first boat trip, for Jason Hearn’s movie “15 Below”, frothing groms. Dale and Dane Staples,  James and Thomas Woods, Nick Godfrey, Brendon Gibbens, Mickey February and Matt Bromley – good friends -miss them – sadly I don’t  see enough of them anymore…

Alan van Gysen photo


Jordy…..some time ago

It was Jordy’s birthday recently, thought I would dig out some old photos. U18 final of the ISA 2006 Worlds in Brazil – what a line-up !! Jeremy, Jordy, Julian…with Julian sneaking the win over Jordy.

Jordy….always more comfortable in the air than everybody.

Pappa Gee, what a LEGEND, loved traveling with him, and he shapes a mean surfboard too….

Contest at D’Bah – Jordy scored 5 perfect 10’s on one day.

Nicky, Chad, Dale, Jordy, Jaco, me and Dane hanging at Bells. Jordy inspired us to travel and compete in Oz…some serious good times !!!

South African Surfing Awards

Stanley Badger

Greg Swart

Kyle Lane, Casey Grant, Lincon Taylor

Luke Patterson

Me, Jordy, Colin for Bianca

Brendon Gibbens

Craig Colesky.........from Kazakstan

Lincon Taylor, Barman, Rudy Palmboom


Katy Perry

She just tied one of Michael Jackson’s famous records – five #1 hit’s from one album. I know it wasn’t necessary for a nude photo, but hey, it’s good isn’t it?


Yesterday (24 July) would’ve been Andy’s birthday. It was very sad to not have him tearing J’bay to shreds. You were  truly missed and thought of. You were a huge inspiration to all of us. RIP


Jordy Goes Back-To-Back

He did us oh so proud in 2010 with his maiden World Tour win on Nelson Mandela’s birthday in super fun waves at Supers. The sun was out, and it seemed the whole of South Africa was there to support him. In my opinion it was the most amazing win of 2010 – being his first and in his back yard! It also set up an epic World Title race with Kelly Slater, Jordy unfortunately finished 2nd in the world (not bad hey?).
 He was back in 2011, looking sharp from Round 1. The final day was different to 2010 though. It was raining and very challenging. Jordy’s Al Merrick looked amazing, I must say! Going back-to-back is not an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of big match temperament, nerves of steel and bucket loads of confidence. Jordy was oozing with confidence. Mick Fanning gave him a run for his money, but in the end Jordy was too tough to beat. Well done Jordy!! I even almost shed a tear while he did his speech. I look forward to you lifting that World Title Trophy at the end of the year!

Heitor Alves

It was good to see Heitor Alves (Brazil CT surfer) out at J’Bay yesterday – putting in some practice for the Billabong Pro in a few weeks time. Heitor ruled the QS last year and was impossible to beat.





I had a surf with Archy (Matt Archbold) at Off The Wall yesterday. I don’t know too much about him. I know he was a bit of a wild child and charger. He is still the man out at Off The Wall. I really respect him and his surfing. He rips!

jack nicholson

Jack Nicholson is by far my favourite actor. I enjoy his old movies, his new movies, his serious rolls, his comedic rolls and everything about the guy. He is a living legend and hopefully he will never be forgotten in show-biz…….

RIP James Ronnie Dio (Black Sabbath 1978-present)

Dio replaced Ozzy Osbourne in 1978 as lead singer of Black Sabbath. Although Ozzy is still my favourite, I have lots of respect for Dio and his singing….. He will be missed in the world of rock ‘n roll….. RIP