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It’s Hawaii end of the year time again…getting boards ready…..hoping…some of us hope to make a few heats and score a few points, some of us hope to win a contest, some us hope to get on the world tour, some us hope to stay on the world tour, a few hope to be Triple Crown Champ and even better, crowned World Champ…….all of us hope to score a barrel of a lifetime…may we all have a season to remember…

Thanks for the photos, Darrol Staples…the Braai king of the world.


a good day…..

Today’s conditions was very much similar to what we’ve had in the previous Hawaii contest – you either get a good score or nothing….I got lucky..

Kangaroo Island

Oakley World Pro Junior: Keramas, Bali

Mikey February “The Great” was out practicing early – he smashed his heat later in the day –  into rround 3.Beyrick joined with his personal trainer, Um Rox, on the beach  !!

Azores in Lomo

I took these shots last year with my Lomo Fisheye. Last year the ocean was flat and the weather was nice. This year the weather has been windy and rainy, and there have been waves (which is why I have no photo’s – too busy frothing, surfing and “focusing”)!

Azores: Billabong Pro

We are in the beautiful Azores Islands for the Billabong Pro – and this time we have WAVES – yeeeuw!!! Thanks to Aquashot and internet for the photos.

What the hell?

Fireworks on land and in the water (courtesy of Gabriel Medina). In 1 – 2 foot waves Gabriel racked up a heat score of 20.00 out of 20.00 in the Junior Semi’s and a 19.83 in the Final (dropping two 9’s). Pretty amazing stuff!



US Open of Surfing: Snapshots

Billabong Pro 2011, J’Bay

After finishing 2nd in the Superheat (only first gets in) I was ready to come home. Then I heard Kelly wasn’t coming, but Travis Logie was there as an alternate. I then heard Bobby Martinez might not make it either. I spent a lot of time hoping, wishing, thinking and looking at swell forecasts. After an emotional roller coaster of “he is coming, he isn’t coming” (much like she loves me, she loves me not, but worse), I had a chance to surf against Bede Durbridge. I lost, but had a lot of fun surfing uncrowded Supers and was happy to be in the event. Check out the rest of the action at

Len – the hardest working man. The first guy to arrive in the mornings and the last to leave. The contest will literally be impossible without him. Best of all he is always smiling. Legend!

Thanks to and Kelly Cestari for this shot.

Mr Price Pro

Jordy Smith – Defending Champ and World No.2 finished 3rd

Jesse “did you just see my 10” Mendes

Heath Joske was ripping all contest, but lost to Julian Wilson in the quarter’s.

John Florence was in sizzling form and finished 2nd. It’s pretty safe to say he tamed Ballito.

Pat Gudauskas – the Mr Price Pro 2011 Champ.

Ballito was amazing! We had sick waves all event. Barrels, big walls. The surfing was a lot different to what we usually see on tour. Big drawn out carves instead of airs. It was a breath of fresh air to be honest. It was also really nice to have a Prime in my home country. I ended up ending 9th 🙂