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San Miguel Pro, Zarautz, Spain



Code Red: Zarautz, Spain

Typhoon “Jacomina Hendriena” slammed into the Zarautz coastline and forced organizers of the San Miguel Pro to put the contest on hold. Lefts, rights and “fat lips” exploded onto the beach. The tow-in session will not be broadcasted live – in fact, even that was cancelled !!!!

Lone paddle boarder stuck in the middle of the bay waiting for the rescue helicopter.

US Open of Surfing: Snapshots

Billabong Pro 2011, J’Bay

After finishing 2nd in the Superheat (only first gets in) I was ready to come home. Then I heard Kelly wasn’t coming, but Travis Logie was there as an alternate. I then heard Bobby Martinez might not make it either. I spent a lot of time hoping, wishing, thinking and looking at swell forecasts. After an emotional roller coaster of “he is coming, he isn’t coming” (much like she loves me, she loves me not, but worse), I had a chance to surf against Bede Durbridge. I lost, but had a lot of fun surfing uncrowded Supers and was happy to be in the event. Check out the rest of the action at

Len – the hardest working man. The first guy to arrive in the mornings and the last to leave. The contest will literally be impossible without him. Best of all he is always smiling. Legend!

Thanks to and Kelly Cestari for this shot.

Imbituba, Brazil

Not even “SUPERMAN” could help us !!!! The 6*Prime at Imbituba has not treated the SAFFAS well – only Royden is still left in the contest, smoking his round of 48 heat……holding thumbs Roy, good luck !!!!