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a good day…..

Today’s conditions was very much similar to what we’ve had in the previous Hawaii contest – you either get a good score or nothing….I got lucky..


Imbituba, Brazil

Not even “SUPERMAN” could help us !!!! The 6*Prime at Imbituba has not treated the SAFFAS well – only Royden is still left in the contest, smoking his round of 48 heat……holding thumbs Roy, good luck !!!!

Saquarema, Brazil

We’re in Brazil for the Saquarema Pro. Waves for the first day too small, swell predictions for later in the week looks good. (Scored the photos from the contest site and internet)






Couple shot’s I took in Fernando, Brazil. Its a really beautiful place (when it’s not raining), with some super fun waves. We had a blast driving around the buggy.

A few ratings points………

All photos by Daniel Smorigo from ASP South America.

Alejo Muniz from Brazil won the 6*Prime Hang Loose Pro with Dion Atkinson second. Travis came 3rd with me ending up 5th…….a few dollars and a few ratings points……a good start for 2011……HAPPY !!

Hang Loose Pro, Brazil

We are in Brazil for the WQS 6*Prime “Hange Loose Pro” on the island of Fernando de Noronha in Brazil. It’s always been a good hunting ground for the Saffa’s with Warwick Wright winning it a few years ago. Myself and Travis are still fighting in the quaterfinals on different sides of the draw and hopefully we can hang in there and meet in the final – that would be cool……

Recent Film

Got some films developed recently from my fisheye Lomography camera.

These were from my day I spent in Rio between contests earlier in the year. I almost forgot about it, but the photo’s bought back good memories.

Adele 🙂

Posing with my dream vehicle – an old school Mercedes station wagon……

I had an amazing time in Europe too, there are so many beautiful things to take photo’s of. I also figured out how to double expose with my fisheye…….

2010…’s gonna happen !!!

To all the “nay-sayers” who said that Africa will not be ready…..sorry boys…..our stadiums are ready, the crowds are ready, the players are ready……..BRING IT ON……..the greatest show on earth!!! Soccer mania has gripped the fans here in Brazil and they believe the golden cup belongs to them.

Thanks to my dad’s friend, Gerhard Steenkamp,  for the photo’s. He is one of the lucky few who will be covering the games… seat in the house.

beautiful brazil

Saquarema, Brazil. I am here for a 6* WQS event. The waves aren’t as good as in the photo, but it’s still quite fun…..the water is so much warmer than the two previous events (Tasmania, Scotland)…will probably start tomorrow.

outa here…….

I’m on my way to Itauna, Saquarema near Rio de Janeiro in Brazil for a 6* mens event. Oakley hooked myself and Chad up with some very “PRIME” accommodation right on the beach….saweeeet.

We’re leaving Saffa with swell lines stacked on the horizon….I’m sure everybody is going to score some amazing surf in the next week……enjoy !!