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J’Bay in B&W

ImageShaun Joubert

ImageDeon Lategan

ImageShaun Joubert

ImageBianca Buitendag

ImageShaun Joubert

ImageShaun Joubert

ImageDave Richards

ImageWarrick Heny

ImageShaun Joubert

ImageJaco Steyn

ImageLlewellyn Whittaker

ImageShaun Joubert

J’Bay summer waves…….a rare treat !!















J’Bay, the warm-up


Shaun Joubert Trifecta from Shaun Joubert on Vimeo.

Bali, Home, California

2011, it’s gone….

2011 is gone, in a blur, only the Billabong Pipe Masters left……it’s gonna be good……who’s your money on?

Jordy Goes Back-To-Back

He did us oh so proud in 2010 with his maiden World Tour win on Nelson Mandela’s birthday in super fun waves at Supers. The sun was out, and it seemed the whole of South Africa was there to support him. In my opinion it was the most amazing win of 2010 – being his first and in his back yard! It also set up an epic World Title race with Kelly Slater, Jordy unfortunately finished 2nd in the world (not bad hey?).
 He was back in 2011, looking sharp from Round 1. The final day was different to 2010 though. It was raining and very challenging. Jordy’s Al Merrick looked amazing, I must say! Going back-to-back is not an easy thing to do. It takes a lot of big match temperament, nerves of steel and bucket loads of confidence. Jordy was oozing with confidence. Mick Fanning gave him a run for his money, but in the end Jordy was too tough to beat. Well done Jordy!! I even almost shed a tear while he did his speech. I look forward to you lifting that World Title Trophy at the end of the year!

Billabong Pro 2011, J’Bay

After finishing 2nd in the Superheat (only first gets in) I was ready to come home. Then I heard Kelly wasn’t coming, but Travis Logie was there as an alternate. I then heard Bobby Martinez might not make it either. I spent a lot of time hoping, wishing, thinking and looking at swell forecasts. After an emotional roller coaster of “he is coming, he isn’t coming” (much like she loves me, she loves me not, but worse), I had a chance to surf against Bede Durbridge. I lost, but had a lot of fun surfing uncrowded Supers and was happy to be in the event. Check out the rest of the action at

Len – the hardest working man. The first guy to arrive in the mornings and the last to leave. The contest will literally be impossible without him. Best of all he is always smiling. Legend!

Thanks to and Kelly Cestari for this shot.

Heitor Alves

It was good to see Heitor Alves (Brazil CT surfer) out at J’Bay yesterday – putting in some practice for the Billabong Pro in a few weeks time. Heitor ruled the QS last year and was impossible to beat.




Round and Round we Go……..








.The web surf predictions sent us up and down the Garden Route hoping to catch some epic waves….we missed everything….too early, too late, wrong predictions, eech. Only “Surfline” had it right. Next time……








This was about a month ago towards the end of a swell when the onshore came up. It’s always fun when it goes onshore towards the end of the swell, because people don’t like onshore or are surfed out and over it. Plus the wave becomes very rippable. The top 2 photo’s are Adin Jeenes and then me……

J’Bay Diary; Jordy Smith; Billabong Pro Champion