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Maldives Boat Trip

Good memories, many moons ago, my first boat trip, for Jason Hearn’s movie “15 Below”, frothing groms. Dale and Dane Staples,  James and Thomas Woods, Nick Godfrey, Brendon Gibbens, Mickey February and Matt Bromley – good friends -miss them – sadly I don’t  see enough of them anymore…

Alan van Gysen photo


It’s All Happening Durban

Chris Leppan, Myself, Matt Hewitt, Dale Staples and Matt Bromley at the SA Surfing Awards. Thanks to Zigzag for an amazing night and congrats to all the winners!


Red Bull x Jordy Smith Nighshift at Northbeach. Flood lights were set up and all the boys were getting whipped in at night. It was pretty crazy to surf in front of such a huge crowd at nigh! Hope I get the chance to do it again next year. Pics by Kolesky.

Last, but not least the Mr Price Pro is on at Ballito. They have only done 9 heats of Rd1 so far, but hopefully the waves pick up and we can get amongst it!!

Cape Town For A Day

Went to Cape Town for a day and hung out with bromdogsblog. Had some fun waves and watched Kelly win Trestles. Good times!


Last Day In Western Australia


Mitch Crews

Gabe Kling

West Aus is a really special place and definitely one of my favourite spots in the world. It’s really sad to leave the place…. My last day was so fun and eventful it made leaving even worse. Had a really fun surf at Big Rock, saw Damien Hobgood take out the mens event and Courtney Conologue take out the womens event, sat on the porch with Matt Bromley while the sun was setting and remembered the good times…….

from the archives: kuta cruising, july 2007

Right now I am on my way to Flrionopolas from Saquarema…. While on my laptop I found these shots of me and Matt Bromley cruising through Kuta, Bali circa July 2007. Good times! Thanks Jason for taking photo’s…..

the oakley

Ryan, Matt, Presstick and Shawn


Brendon and Thomas lunch..

Jacob, scoring a barrel during the Airshow…..go figure !!

Not a good spot to stall your engine !!!

Mikey….the Great.


Thomas, Chad, Devin and Kyle


Some Oakley Pro Junior action. I ended up winning the event for the third year in a row. Not much else to say, I’m exstatic!! Thanks to Matt and Jacob for the ride up the beach. Check out the video’s at

thurso east…


Everyone chose a different path home. Some drove to Europe, some hung in Scotland, some didn’t know what to do, some caught trains, some went to airports, some spent all day at the pub waiting and some, like me, drove to London. It was my first time in London and luckily I met up with one of my good friends, Brendon, who also did the drive to London. He knows the joint really well and took us to see all the tourist stuff and we went to some sick shops too. Airspace has opened and almost all the boys have got flights home. I’m on the airport at the moment and really relieved to be leaving only a day and a half later than originally scheduled. I must say if it wasn’t for my mom’s orginization, I would still be stuck somewhere in Thurso. The first picture is of a few of us hanging at the hotel, still stranded, mainly watching the news and having a beer, the second one is on the morning the airspace opened – I’m checking out a plane about to land, a rare sight over the last week….

lord royden bryson


Click on photo’s to enlarge.

Lord Royden Bryson…. Well what can I say? The guy deserved to be a Lord after his performance today. He had being getting the job done all week, making heat after heat, leaving his best for last. A 16.60 semi-final heatscore and a 14 in the final. He sat for roughly 26 minutes, a heat restart included after 10 minutes with no waves, before opening his account with a massive 8.67 in the deteriorating conditions. From there on out he was in the drivers seat and the next thing he knew he was on the shoulders of Dave Weare and Brandon Jackson and being awarded surfing’s coolest trophy soon after. Oh he won land in the Scottish Highlands so he is officially a Lord, jokes aside. I’m really proud of the guy and that I am on speaking terms with a Lord….. Congrats Roy!!

airmageddon, contest and lunch

It’s pretty common knowledge that all flights to and from the UK are grounded. Not such good news for us, who are in Scotland at the moment and have to urgently be back in SA by the weekend for a big Pro Junior event. Apparently it’s getting worse too…… Eish.

Some shots of Matt Bromley, Brendon Gibbens, Beyrick Devries, Brandon Jackson and the surrounds of the contest venue of Thurso East.

A third of the Saffa crew at the usual lunch spot. All of the worlds problems get solved around that table……