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Saquarema, Brazil

We’re in Brazil for the Saquarema Pro. Waves for the first day too small, swell predictions for later in the week looks good. (Scored the photos from the contest site and internet)


beautiful brazil

Saquarema, Brazil. I am here for a 6* WQS event. The waves aren’t as good as in the photo, but it’s still quite fun…..the water is so much warmer than the two previous events (Tasmania, Scotland)…will probably start tomorrow.

outa here…….

I’m on my way to Itauna, Saquarema near Rio de Janeiro in Brazil for a 6* mens event. Oakley hooked myself and Chad up with some very “PRIME”¬†accommodation right on the beach….saweeeet.

We’re leaving Saffa with swell lines stacked on the horizon….I’m sure everybody is going to score some amazing surf in the next week……enjoy !!