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2nd Summer



“Living” in two different countries on either side of the Equator means I get to enjoy more than one summer a year at “home”. We have been blessed with some of the best waves and weather in years. It’s so good to surf my home-break with some of my closest friends. I couldn’t ask for too much more!




Shaun Joubert





Johann Kriek




Shaun Joubert




Llewellyn Whittaker




Peppie Venter





Shaun Joubert




Johann Kriek




Shaun Joubert




Peppie Venter




Johann Kriek



Shaun Joubert







Round and Round we Go……..








.The web surf predictions sent us up and down the Garden Route hoping to catch some epic waves….we missed everything….too early, too late, wrong predictions, eech. Only “Surfline” had it right. Next time……







Mossel Bay….


This blog is specially for Peter Hart……it’s been cooooooking NON-STOP……… where are you ????






Vic Bay


another beautifull summer’s day here in Mossel Bay

……in June…..

where’s winter, cold fronts, storms, rain……

and big swell ???

we need to get the babe’s off the beach and winter to roll in

we need to go surfing

in some real waves


The Cambridge dictionary defines disappointed as: unhappy because someone or something was not as good as you hoped or expected, or because something did not happen.

I liked the YourDictionary definition better: Displeased, dissatisfied, discouraged, frustrated, let down, unsatisfied, despondent, depressed, objecting, complaining, distressed, downcast, hopeless, disconcerted, disgruntled, disillusioned, shot down.

Right now, I should be in the skies over the Indian Ocean on my way to Indo for a Mentawi boat trip…..things went wrong….some guys pulled out……

Surfing Mossels with my friends is just as good.

bianca buitendag…..on a roll


My neighbour from George looks unbeatable this year. She started off by winning the Grom Search World’s at Bell’s in Australia then the Billabong in Natal and followed that up with winning the Oakley at Port Alfred in fine style……way to go !!!


This is me (on the drums) and my two good friends Johann and Peppi jamming Guitar Hero on my last night at home for a good few months. Tomorrow I leave to Morocco to film with Jason Hearn for his movie, the African Project. Directly after it’s off to Australia with my friend Dale Staples. No more school, uniforms, haircuts and teachers. This is officially the beginning of my career!!!!