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a good day…..

Today’s conditions was very much similar to what we’ve had in the previous Hawaii contest – you either get a good score or nothing….I got lucky..


Azores: Billabong Pro

We are in the beautiful Azores Islands for the Billabong Pro – and this time we have WAVES – yeeeuw!!! Thanks to Aquashot and internet for the photos.


O’Neill CWC, Cape Town

Won my round 0f 64 heat at O’Neill CWC contest yesterday. Also happy that my BB team manager Ryan Payne progressed with me. Check out live action on the O’Neill website.

Tomorrow is round of 32……

J’Bay Diary; Jordy Smith; Billabong Pro Champion

J’Bay Diary; Billabong Pro 2010

Action aplenty at the Pro.

Holmsey does again !!!!

Jordy no. 1 !!!!

J’Bay Diary; Billabong Pro 2010; Day 1

Click on an image to start gallery:

Lots of action on day 1. Beautifull day. Waves firing. Life is good.

Dale Staples won the VZ super trial to qualify for the main event.

I surfed against Kelly – eeech – the King is too good – could not stop his charge to a potential 10th world champion crown!!!!

Lost against Adriano da Sousa in round two. Bummed.

J’Bay Diary; Billabong Pro 2010; Day -1

Looks as if we are going to jump into a start on the first day…….according to predictions the swell will start building during the night and the call is for an early 07h30 start.

First to surf will be the VC wildcards…….then round ONE……PSYCHED….!!!!!!

Check out the action live at Billabong Pro website.

J’Bay Diary; Billabong Pro 2010; Day -7

This is a photo of me and Adele taken with Matta’s “old school” Mamiya m645J medium format film camera – it is a classic !!

By this time next week this spot will be crowded by towers, judges, media, marquees, spectators and the world’s best surfers – the World Cup and football stars will be gone – and it will be time for the surfers to shine – can’t wait.

It is time for a SAFFA to win this thing – I don’t need an octopus to predict a winner – ┬áthe 2010 trophy is going to stay in Africa !!!!

J’Bay Diary; Billabong Pro 2010; Day -9

Super Tubes, Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa

This is what 2 x World Champ and 2 x J’Bay Billabong Pro winner Mick Fanning had to say about the special wave : “J’bay is one of the fastest waves on the planet. It always takes a couple of surfs to get your timing down. The trick to J’Bay is to set your top turn up from strong, driving bottom turns. As you come around the sections you have a split second to pick a turn and set your feet” (From his book Surf for your life, Mick Fanning, World Titel Edition)

Dale Staples

Shaun Joubert

Dale Staples

Shaun Joubert