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Maldives Boat Trip

Good memories, many moons ago, my first boat trip, for Jason Hearn’s movie “15 Below”, frothing groms. Dale and Dane Staples,  James and Thomas Woods, Nick Godfrey, Brendon Gibbens, Mickey February and Matt Bromley – good friends -miss them – sadly I don’t  see enough of them anymore…

Alan van Gysen photo


outer pool, mossel bay

Surfing Bali

Me and Dillon Perillo (USA) sharing a Keramas ramp.


Shaun Joubert

Dylan Lightfoot

Dane Staples

Shaun Joubert

Dylan Goodall (Hawaii)

Oakley World Pro Junior: Keramas, Bali

Mikey February “The Great” was out practicing early – he smashed his heat later in the day –  into rround 3.Beyrick joined with his personal trainer, Um Rox, on the beach  !!

Mossel Bay….


This blog is specially for Peter Hart……it’s been cooooooking NON-STOP……… where are you ????







Me and travel partnner Dale Staples (yes, he is back from injury) have arrived in the US of A. The waves were small, but it was good to get in the water and get a feel for the SoCal waves.

Morning Surf

Beyrick De Vries

Heath Joske

Brandon Jackson


This was a surf we had before the event (5* Canaries). The waves were pretty bad, but still fun. I really like this wave!

the hillton – sri lanka

Our hotel is called the Hillton, but it’s definately a fake. There is no chance that Paris and her family built this place or will ever be caught dead spending a night here. It’s still prime location pretty close to the surfspot and the staff is really friendly. The restaurant makes a pretty decent meal too, but not compared to real Hiltton’s…..

drive thru sri lanka

We (me, Dale and my dad) have arrived in Sri-Lanka’s Arugam Bay after a hell mission including a 10 hour drive from Colombo…. The wave here is quite fun and some swell is expected for the event…. The accommodation is also kinda dodgy…. And by far the hottest place I’ve ever visited, but still lots of fun…..

at home.

Been home for a while now. It’s been really fun staying home, surfing with all my friends and just having a good time. Some shots of my good friends surfing….


Yumar Croukamp

Johan Kriek

Peppi Venter