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Maldives Boat Trip

Good memories, many moons ago, my first boat trip, for Jason Hearn’s movie “15 Below”, frothing groms. Dale and Dane Staples,  James and Thomas Woods, Nick Godfrey, Brendon Gibbens, Mickey February and Matt Bromley – good friends -miss them – sadly I don’t  see enough of them anymore…

Alan van Gysen photo



Just got back from an Indo trip with Garret Parkes, Davey Cathels, Caio Ibelli, Thomas Woods, Keanu Asing and Kai Hing aboard the Mangalui. Also photog Swilly, vidoegrapher Shagga and writer Ben Whitmore. Lots of sick times were had! Fun waves! Ice-cold Bintangs! Funny stories! And the worlds greatest sunsets!

Photographer: Craig Kolesky

Profiles of the South African action-sports\surf photographers are on the rise. Check out this “18Seconds” article on Red Bull shooter, Craig Colesky. Although most of the shots featured Jordy, I lucked into one as well – saweet!! “18seconds” is a great Ozzie online magazine and also ran an article on Thomas (Tomatie) Woods – check it out.

Alan van Gysen featured as one of “15 top international Surf Photographers” in Chris Power’s book “Shooting the Curl”.

And the best for last…….Sheriff (Greg Ewing) scored the cover of “Farmers Weekly”…..heh heh, how cool is that !!!!

Memories: Maldives “15Below” boat trip 2006

Matt Bromley

Brendon Gibbens

Shaun Joubert

Alan Van Geysen, water-photographer, Captain of the motorboat….

Thomas Woods

Nicky Godfrey

Dale Staples, Mikey February, Dane Staples, Matt Bromley

Mikey February

Good times on a boat in the Maldives……during the filming of Jason Hearn’s movie “15Below”. Good crew, Woods brothers James and Thomas, Staples brothers Dane and Dale, Nick Godfrey, Brendon Gibbens, Mikey February, myself. Jason did the filming and Alan did the photos for Zigzag.